Mission and Values
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The Mission of DCH

is to promote the growth of the global competitive power of the Ukraine’s economy to the highest possible levels by improving the capitalization of companies in various sectors and segments. By ensuring high performance and efficiency of the enterprises within the DCH sphere of interest, and by investing in strategically oriented and socially valuable projects, we are creating a secure base for future generations, which will make them proud of their country and its achievements.

Here are the guiding principles and values that inspire the DCH team in their significant and important mission:

  • To operate a dynamic that ensures achievement of high business results
  • To be flexible enough to react immediately to outside challenges and to make optimal investment and management decisions
  • To maintain a high corporate IQ and the kind of creative thinking that always keeps the team one step ahead
  • To be responsible towards all interested parties (stakeholders), who are influenced by DCH activity.

Moreover, the management of the DCH Group pays special attention to establishing effective patterns of cooperation with partners who work with us to develop business projects. DCH works on the principle that such joint programs should be based on constructive dialogue and mutual respect for the interests of all parties involved. DCH management and employees are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with partners who are prepared to invest in the implementation of projects that will be attractive to investors.