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"Development" in DCH is fulfilled by the company DCH Real Estate (DCH RE).

Development portfolio includes DCH RE projects that are implemented both in commercial and residential real estate. DCH RE is selective in choosing priority locations and product segments. Geographically the development projects are concentrated in such regions as Kyiv and Odesa (the cities with the biggest number of new buildings commissioned in the whole Ukraine) and Kharkiv (DCH "parent" region).

The priority market segments are:

  • development of multifunctional complexes, often implying regeneration, change of the existing zoning;
  • construction of small business and elite residential complexes, each of which is unique by itself both in terms of its concept and in terms of customer profile, advertising policy and strategy.

In addition, DCH invests in large-scale infrastructure projects, particularly in the preparation of Kharkiv for the European Football Championship to be held in 2012.

In February 2012 DCH Group acquired 50% of Ovaro Holding Limited, which owns approximately 60.1% of the share capital of XXI Century Investments Public Limited, the holding company of “XXI Century”(Kyiv) development group, as reported by Вuilding.