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26.01.2013Yaroslavskiy in Davos: one must share

Kharkiv businessman Aleksander Yaroslavskiy called for respect for social justice and equal opportunities in the Ukrainian society.

His point of view one of the richest Ukrainians said on January 25 during Ukrainian Lunch in Davos. Words of A. Yaroslavskiy were told in the new program "Justice" by Anna Bezulyk on TV channel "Inter".

Billionaire, inter alia, gave the affirmative answer to journalists' question on whether rich people feel the need in fair distribution of wealth in society.

"Sometime they should introduce the social burden. They must. Because someone is able (God given!) to earn. So, we must share with everyone. What concerns me is real. I am sharing"- said A. Yaroslavskiy.

At lunch in Davos representatives of the Ukrainian political and business elites discussed prospects of Ukraine, in particular, there was voting on a matter in which direction the country should move - to Europe or the Customs Union.

"The best way is the one closer to the money," – said A. Yaroslavskiy smiling.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Kharkiv businessman Aleksander Yaroslavskiy, who in recent years occupies the highest lines in the list of the richest people in Ukraine, according to the magazine "Focus", closes the list of 12 richest Ukrainians 2012.

According to the magazine, the state of DCH president in 2012 makes 1.348 billion dollars and remains almost the same as in 2011, but the richest Kharkiv citizen rose in the rating 4 steps up and took 12th place in the list of Ukrainian billionaires .

According to the rating, the list of 200 richest Ukrainians in 2012 is led by Rinat Akhmetov ($ 18.659 billion), Vadim Novinsky ($ 4.373 billion) and Igor Kolomoisky and Gennadiy Bogolyubov (at $ 4.187 billion, respectively).

The list also includes Kharkiv citizens Aleksandr Feldman ("AVEC", $ 375.0 million 42nd place), Arsen Avakov (JSC "Investor". $ 189 million, 70th place), Anatoliy Hirschfeld (UPEC, $ 153 million 79th place), Viktor Subbotin (Megabank, $ 69.2 million 128th place), Borys Lozhkin (UMH. $ 68.9 million 129th place), Dmytro Svyatash (AIS, $ 49.9 million 157th place).

Recently, during the conversation with the correspondent of UNIAN A. Yaroslavskiy expressed satisfaction with the development of his business.

"I'm not complaining," - said A. Yaroslavskiy, noting the generally positive dynamics.

Speaking of prospects, businessman told about new projects in 2013, affecting not only the sport. "They will be," - said the president of DCH and added that "sport is not the biggest part of my business."

Among his successful projects in 2012 A. Yaroslavskiy (general investor and coordinator of Kharkiv for Euro 2012 - ed) named the reconstruction of the International airport "Kharkiv", the final arrangement of the reconstructed stadium "Metalist" and Euro-2012 held in Kharkiv and also the finish of the construction and the beginning of work of the 5-star hotel Kharkiv Palace.

The construction of the hotel, in particular, he called a profitable project, noting that it is currently "the best hotel in Ukraine."

"These are two successful projects - the hotel and the airport. Basically, just like all the rest ", - said A. Yaroslavskiy. "What concerns my business – he stressed – then there were never any ups and dips.

UNIAN, Kharkiv


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