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27.05.2015European Business Ready to Invest into Ukraine

In spite of the problems Ukraine is currently facing, Europe is interested in developing a partnership, while the international companies are ready to invest into Ukraine.

This was announced at a press conference in Kyiv by the organizers of the spring series of the investment forums Ukraine: Just Business.
As the organizers noted, all the business forums – in Prague (15th of April), Warsaw (27th of April), and Budapest (14th of May) were highly appreciated by the representatives of the European Business and the officials of the receiving sides.

“Speaking of the results of the business forums I would like to note the following. Among other, they said that there are countries in Europe that are not only ready to invest into Ukraine, but are completely open for a dialogue, ready to share their experience and help Ukraine to make its way of European integration faster and more effective,” – noted the president of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hennady Chyzhykov.

To the opinion of the participants of the forums, this project allowed the potential business- and investment partners of Ukraine to get information about the situation in the country, about its problems and opportunities first-hand, and this is a great plus of the initiative.

“The participants of the forums had a chance to hear from the representatives of Ukraine, that there is life, business, rule of law, and perspectives in this county. Moreover, there already are the first practical results of the project. We have already been contacted by the embassies of two countries that were offering to continue our operation in these countries,” – noted the managing partner of a law firm Lavrynovych & Partners Maksym Lavrynovych.

According to the organizers, the comments of the European businessmen who worked and work in Ukraine presently, played an important role, as they shared their impressions and experience with the audience of the forums.

“The potential international partners who consider any cooperation with Ukraine are first and foremost concerned with the issue of security – both personal and business-related. Moreover, at various times we were asked whether we felt that the reforms had already reached the conclusive stage. We were answering that where there is a will, one will not wait long for a result,” – underlined the vice-president of DCH Group Olena Derevyanko.

According to the organizers the main conclusion of Ukraine: Just Business is that despite all the issues Ukraine has to face right now, Europe is truly interested in developing partner relations with it. The international companies are ready to invest into Ukraine, to trade with Ukraine and implement joint projects etc. A lot depends on Ukraine – the issue of reforms of the national economics and the legal frame and bringing them into accordance with the European and world standards is topical like never before. Only after creating such conditions, Ukraine has a chance to become a full economic member of the European and other countries.

The speakers also mentioned the warm welcome of the members of Ukraine: Just Business in all the three countries. They also mentioned the high level of organization of the forums and expressed their gratitude to the embassies of Ukraine in Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary for their support, and a special thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for its key role in the organization of all the events and the titanic work that had been done for the project to happen.

Ukraine: Just Business is a joint initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and a law firm Lavrynovych & Partners. The project has the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Oleksandr Yaroslavsky’s DCH Group is a strategic partner.


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