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11.01.2017For the media consideration!

DCH group is forced to state that the Ukrainian National News Information Agency (UNN) continues its single-minded libelous campaign against JSC “Kharkiv Tractor Plant”. A new step on this contemptible way was another fake information item of 11.01.2017 about the manufacturing equipment that was supposedly being dismantled at the enterprise

The mentioned text is an extremely cynical manipulation and a gross distortion of the DCH Press-service official statement concerning UNN’s previous deceitful information item /ru/press-center/news/2016/12/news_1340

Namely, the photographs that were clearly stated to illustrate the results of “management” of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant by its ex-director general Vladislav Hubin are set up for the current events footage by UNN “journalists”.

We deeply regret that the organization claiming to be an information agency de facto fulfils a misinformation function and all indications are that it is an instrument of an attempt at a hostile takeover of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant by people whose “activities” have been frequently exposed in the quality media.

Thus, despite our principled stand of unequivocal and genuine respect for freedom of the mass media and for freedom of the press in particular, DCH has to initiate legal proceedings. Lawyers of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant will file a corresponding suit in the nearest future.


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