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22.09.2017Yaroslavsky: DCH Has Invested Over $ 1 Billion in Kharkiv

The IX International Economic Forum “Innovations. Investments. Kharkiv Initiatives” is underway in Kharkiv.

The Forum is traditionally held in the best five-star hotel of Kharkiv, the Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv, belonging to the businessman, president and owner of DCH Group Oleksandr Yaroslavsky.

During the briefing attended by the Forum’s guests of honor and diplomats Yaroslavsky pointed out that in 2017 Kharkiv has been able to organize the most representative economic event for the entire period of its history.

“As a businessman, I am primarily interested in practical things that will be discussed during this Forum. But throughout the history of Kharkiv, I cannot remember any forums bringing together so many representatives of different countries and delegations. Of course it creates great opportunities for business. I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Yulia Svitlychna, the Governor, for hosting so many potential partners that Kharkiv and Ukrainian business can have. I hope the Forum will yield direct and practical results,” said Yaroslavsky.

Addressing the Forum participants he pointed out that nothing can stimulate partners to invest in projects greater than personal example of local businesses. “When you invest yourself, it is the best drive for your partners to invest. DCH Company and I have invested over $ 1 billion dollars in the Kharkiv Region for the last five years. These projects include an airport, a joint investment with the state, a public-private partnership. This is the hotel where you are staying now; this is a stadium, sports facilities, shopping malls and Kharkiv Tractor Plant. But we are going to continue and expand,” stressed Yaroslavsky.

He invited foreign partners to join the investment in the production industry, in Kharkiv Tractor Plant in particular, but he also ensured the audience that DCH Group has a number of other ready investment proposals.

In her turn, the Head of the Kharkiv Region State Administration Yulia Svitlychna pointed out that 30 delegations and 15 ambassadors of various states had arrived at the Forum. Altogether, there are about 500 participants attending the Economic Forum. “Today Kharkiv is hosting the Investment Forum. This is the most powerful economic event in Eastern Ukraine that we have been preparing for the whole year. Almost 500 participants will get together today to speak frankly, to shape promising directions for the national economy development, to see what new ways and instruments of investing can be implemented,” she said adding that 75 billion dollar worth contracts and 7 memoranda of cooperation will be signed in the follow-up of the event.

The USA Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch pointed out that the Kharkiv Region is potentially very important for the USA. “We are hoping for fruitful cooperation with the Region. Today I have come to the event together with members of the House of Representatives as well as businesspeople,” said the Ambassador.


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