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22.09.2017Yaroslavsky Signs Memorandum of Strategic Partnership with Kharkiv Polytechnic University

Kharkiv Tractor Plant has signed a memorandum of strategic partnership with the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”.

Today, on September 22, the document has been signed by the owner and president of DCH Group Oleksandr Yaroslavsky and the rector of the NTU “KPI” Yevhen Sokol within the framework of the IX International Economic Forum “Innovations. Investments. Kharkiv Initiatives”.

The businessman pointed out that recovering Kharkiv Tractor Plant is one of outstanding examples of DCH Group of Companies investment activities. Since January 2017, the Plant has produces over 700 machines and the number of “XTZ” trademark tractors produced here will have increased to 1 thousand vehicles by the end of the year. Speaking about the signed Memorandum Yaroslavsky stressed that the agreement breaks new ground for Kharkiv Tractor Plant that is part of DCH Group.

“It is very important for us. What is “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”? It is an educational establishment that trains experts. What is “Kharkiv Tractor Plant”? It is a ground, it is a Kharkiv enterprise, a Ukrainian enterprise that needs experts. That is why it is very meaningful for us. Some time ago we signed an agreement with Kharkiv University (named after Vasyl Karazin – eds.). Here we see great prospects for us, the plant,” said Yaroslavsky.

In his turn, the director general of Kharkiv Tractor Plant PJSC Andriy Koval pointed out that today the Plant is ready to open its grounds for young research-and-development engineers.

“KPI” is basically our core educational establishment. We do need the influx of young professionals that are able to facilitate further development of our machines. First of all we are interested in engineering and technologies experts. The average age of our employees is rather advanced. We need a whole new wrinkle of course,” said Koval.

The Plant’s director general added that within the framework of the Memorandum implementation XTZ will motivate students by paying salaries to them.

“We offer the Polytechnic University an opportunity to give trial runs to the young people they are educating; we are ready to share new knowledge with them, to employ them in practical projects where people will acquire practical skills. It is important for “KPI” that they can offer their students a new horizon of knowledge and enjoy support from DCH which is an investment and innovations company. We are going to offer a salary. A person studies at the institute and gets full-fledged education; also this person spends some time at the plant and gets a salary. But my task is to ensure that he/she picks up basic skills from my experienced workers,” Koval summed up.


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