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29.03.2019DCH Establishes DCH Steel Company to Ensure Integrated Management of its Mining and Smelting Business

Within the framework of enhancing efficiency of its mining and smelting business, DCH management has made a decision to establish DCH Steel Company for centralized control of the following assets: the Dnipro Metallurgical Plant (DMP, the city of Dnipro) and the Sukha Balka Mine (the city of Kryvyi Rih).

The idea behind the introduced changes is that the system of the mining and smelting businesses management should be devised appropriately when large-scale investment projects are implemented. A chain of “mining ore – beneficiation – agglomeration – smelting cast-iron” is to be formed as part of the gradual process of vertical integration. Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, owner and president of DCH, confirmed that the volume of desired invention in assets of this sector is to be 0–200 mln. during the next 5 years. Due to this investment, furnace stock of the coke and by-product facilities will be restored and a blank continuous casting machine will be built at the DMP, in particular. It is planned to set up a beneficiation plant, to develop ore reserves on deeper levels, and to modernize the equipment at the Sukha Balka Mine.

DCH Steel is to consolidate general administrative functions while the manufacturing facilities are to accelerate their efforts of producing output and improving technologies.

The results expected after enhancing the efficiency of DCH’s mining and smelting businesses consist in the DMP and the mine becoming independent of outside supplies of agglomerates, in their working synergistically and, as a result, in improving their competitiveness, sustainability and financial performance.

Vitalii Bash, who has been working for the Group for over a decade, is entrusted with running DCH Steel and forming the team of the managing center. He was born in Volnogorsk (Dnipropertrovsk Region) and graduated from the physical and technical department of Dnipro National University. He was also awarded an MBA by Edinburgh Business School (UK). He managed the Sukha Balka Mine, was in charge of Ukrainian Mining Company, which is part of DCH, and worked in the construction materials sector of the Group’s management company.

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky’s DCH Group of Companies is one of the biggest and most dynamically developing Ukrainian business groups with a 20-year-long history. DCH regularly and successfully implements investment projects in various spheres. The Group’s focus areas are finance, industry, mineral extraction, transportation, development, production of construction materials, hotel business, etc.

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, founder and owner of DCH, is one of the best-known Ukrainian businessmen whose investment in the country’s economy is over $ 1 bln. He made an investment of over $ 300 mln. in creating and developing urban and sports facilities of Kharkiv prior to Euro-2012. He is among top ten Ukrainian business leaders according to Forbes Ukraine.


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